Ooh, shiny!

So I’ve finally boarded the blogging bandwagon, another distraction and something I’ve been considering for a while. I did sporadically do it when I had a MySpace page, it was about the only advantage I found MySpace had to Facebook and it was quite cathartic. It was nice to have a place where I could vent the various ideas and thoughts that clutter up my head occasionally and since I’ve been travelling so much for work I’ve had a lot more time to come up with more so I thought it was about  time to write them down somewhere.

I always enjoyed writing when I was younger, I remember filling exercise books with stories whenever we did creative writing at junior school. I was always two or three stories behind everyone else though as I could never find a way to finish my tales. I remember having to hand one story in where the last sentence I’d written was something like “his mum always said he shouldn’t laugh so much or he’d end up die laughing and one day that’s what happened.” with the intention of going on to explain how he ended up dying. The book came back with a 10 out of 10 and a ‘well done’ sticker but I was disgusted at how anyone could think the story was finished and carried on writing around the teacher’s comments and the sticker.

I’m not expecting to write any long stories like I did then, I don’t think this is really the platform for that anyway. This is more for me to write things out like in a diary. And don’t people who write diaries secretly want them to be read?? It’s purely a selfish thing but if there are other people out there that are entertained by the nonsense I’ll end up putting on here then all the better.


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