Is There a Dignified Way to Get Out of a Pair of Trousers?

Well, is there? For blokes I mean, in a romantic situation. It seems to me that girls don’t have this problem, if she’s wearing a skirt or a dress it gets undone, it drops to the floor, she steps out of it, no problem. Even if she is wearing trousers or jeans she can do that thing where she bends her knees slightly, arches her back and slips them down her legs and again just steps out of them. If she’s more flexible she might be able to push them straight down by bending at the waist and once more just steps out of them. All of the above also add a certain anticipation to the proceedings as they are all very sexy actions.

Now I just can’t imagine a bloke being able to drop his strides with anything like the poise and allure women can manage. Men are just naturally more clumsy, it’s all hopping about on one leg, crashing into walls, knocking stuff off shelves and generally killing the mood. Worst case scenario you trip over your own belt, smash your face on the end of the bed and spend the next four hours in casualty trying to come up with a convincing explanation for the nasty cut and missing teeth. Even if you get a girl who is obliging enough to try and help you take them down you still have the ignominy of standing on leg at a time as she takes them off your feet. Laying on the bed doesn’t help either, you just end up feeling a bit helpless and slightly ridiculous as you hold your legs up for her

And come on, let’s face it, women are just nicer to look at than men. It’s much more pleasurable to watch a smooth, shapely leg being slowly revealed than a hairy, veiny one, no matter how flexible or graceful the man may be. And even if he does manage to slip his jeans down his legs in a remotely sensual way, he’ll still have his socks on when he steps out of them


3 thoughts on “Is There a Dignified Way to Get Out of a Pair of Trousers?

  1. ALWAYS take your socks off before your trousers, you still might fall over dramatically but there is no danger of ending up just wearing socks then and that would we worse!

  2. Wise words Pete! I tend to remove my socks at the same time as my trousers by hooking my finger into the top of the sock as I’m pulling the trousers off

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