Looking Back and Looking Forward

So here we are in 2011 and my first attempt at making an entry on this thing at least once a week. Today we have a review of 2010…

Friends Gained: Abbie, Bronte, Nicola, Jacques, Matt & Lucy, Tom, Pete, Ian

Friends Lost Touch With: Manny & Claire

Friends Back in Touch With: Ali & Ben

If I were to sum up 2010 in one word, it would probably be ‘meh’. Not particularly bad but not particularly good either. A year of a bit too much stress and not quite enough celebration, where nothing of any major note happened to me personally and so many of my friends seemed to have a hard time one way or another. Most of us seem to be happy to see the back of 2010.

From a work point of view things have been a lot better than they were in 2009. I actually went abroad this year! Denmark and Sweden in January followed by trips to Holland, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Turkey as well the usual trekking up and down the UK. No Ireland this year though, the closest I got was the Isle of Man. But the second half of the year I seem to have spent feeling vaguely pissed off most of the time when it came to work, there was a sense of just shoe-horning jobs in wherever there was a gap in our schedules and there never seemed enough time to prepare properly before a job or reflect on it afterwards, and no time at all to spend with friends and family or take care of domestic necessities. A low point was complaining to the Project Manager that I had no time to do any washing or ironing. I realise it’s churlish to be complaining about being too busy with things the way they are at the moment but there does come a point where all the financial incentive in the world has no pull over the chance to spend more than a couple of days at home.

Speaking of finances, there was another source of stress through the year. Due to a bit of a SNAFU with the work company card and non-payment of expenses at the start of the year I spent a long time desperately playing catch-up on my bills and generally having too much month at the end of the money. I did manage to sort this out eventually and am now a bit more stable but still have to be careful.

Even away from work things were a little disappointing, the ol’ love-life has not gone well while it seems pretty much everyone else around me has become coupled off. I ended up being ‘just friends’ with yet another girl and the amount of time I’ve spent away from home has meant that opportunities to meet anyone new have been pretty few and far between. People keep suggesting online dating but I’m still a bit unsure on that. It is looking increasingly likely this could be the easiest way to meet someone, we’ll see.

There were some highlights though, most of them in Scotland. I enjoyed every moment of the time I’ve spent up in Paisley this year, I am continually amazed at how accepted I seem to have become and wish I could spend more time with everyone there. Going over to Cyprus to see friends and my godson for the first time since his christening a year previously was a much-needed change of pace. I have managed to spend time with friends old and new and it’s always been time well spent.

Healthwise things have been pretty good. When I was able I got to the gym fairly regularly and made some decent progress but this was always tempered by being away so often that I kept slipping back. Of course it has all gone out of the window over Christmas! No major illnesses apart from a nasty cold at the end of the year so I’m putting a thumbs-up against this one.

So what will 2011 bring? With a bit of luck work will be slightly less hectic as we had a new engineer start before Christmas and are due to be getting another one early this year so hopefully the life/work balance will be a bit healthier. In turn this will mean that I should have more time to do things I actually want to do and make even better progress with the gym stuff. Plans are in motion to go over to New Zealand for the end of the rugby world cup which should be good fun as there will undoubtedly be adventures there. I’m looking forward to indulging myself in some new and neglected hobbies and I’ve been convinced to create a 101 in 1001 List (more of which in a separate post) which will be fun to start working through. I’m hoping to start building a bit of a social circle in Beckenham (I’ve only lived here for 3 years after all) and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to be able to change my Relationship Status on Facebook at some point. All in all I’m looking forward to 2011 with optimism that it’ll be more enjoyable than 2010 was, for myself and those close to me.

Resolutions: Blog once a week or so, Start doing yoga (I always feel like I need a good stretch), Be more disciplined about getting to the gym, Learn how to play that bloody guitar (an annual favourite).


One thought on “Looking Back and Looking Forward

  1. 101 in 1001 that sounds like a good idea, I don’t think you needed THAT much convincing!

    Hope 2011 is much better to you than 2010 was, and keep up the blogging!

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