Post a Week 2011

Somewhere in my first post of 2011 (the first line in fact) I said something about wanting to put something up here at least once a week. Well tonight I actually had some time to do a bit of exploring around the WordPress homepage and have a look at some other blogs and I found this: The DailyPost. So far I’ve been doing this mainly for myself and people who have read it are either friends of mine being polite or have just stumbled across it somewhere so this seems like a good way of getting a more structured approach and actually interacting with other people.

I keep having to remind myself that a big part of the internet is that a lot of the stuff on it is there to be commented on as well as looked at so I should stop feeling bashful about commenting on things written by people I don’t actually know, I’ve got a bit of online shyness to overcome!

I’m going to tag a couple of the posts I’ve already made this year as they were written in the spirit of this venture before I knew about it so I’m sure they count! So hello to anyone and everyone looking at this through the Post a Week experiment, I’m looking forward to seeing what this has in store.


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