How I made F1 exciting…

Being a bit of an F1 fan I found last week’s Canadian Grand Prix to be one of the best I have seen for a while (once it got going) and a few friends on Facebook agreed, all putting up satuses about it. Apart from one young lady I know who was quite disparaging about it. In an effort to help her see what we were all making a fuss about, I came up with this:

Ok, imagine there’s a pair of shoes in a sale you really want but you pick up the wrong size 6 times, then when you’re 4th in the queue for the till you realise you’ve not got any money in your purse and you have to go to a cashpoint and join the back of the queue with 10 minutes to go before the sale finishes and they double in price. You manage to blag your way to second in the queue with 2 minutes to go and you’re not sure you’re going to make it when the girl in front of you’s mobile goes off and she lets you in front of her. You get the shoes!! Exciting now??

Turns out she doesn’t really get excited about shoes either but I thought it was funny.


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