Sci-Fi Challenge

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted a cute little photo of a lego storm trooper has appeared in the top left corner of my humble little blog. This is because I have joined in with Curiosity Killed the Bookworm’s 2012 Sci-Fi Challenge. I only found this after randomly following her on Twitter as a #FollowFriday suggestion. The idea is that you read at least one sci-fi book a month and then review it, posting a link to the challenge in the process. This’ll be interesting as I haven’t had to read a book and then write about it since I was at school so I’m having to pay attention.

I’ve always been a sci-fi fan, I’ve got all of the original Dune books by Frank Herbert as well as some of the prequels written by his son Brian and Kevin Anderson (although I have started losing patience with them now they are filling in the gaps between the original books. It’s starting to smell of desperation and exploitation to me, and they are not very good if you believe the Amazon reviews), all of the Arthur C. Clarke Space Odyssey books and late last year I discovered Iain M. Banks’ ‘Culture’ novels. But anyone familiar with the genre will recognise I stick firmly to the traditional space and aliens style stuff while the challenge is set to cover all of sci-fi which includes “dystopias, zombie viruses, genetic engineering gone awry, time travel, steampunk, extreme weather, space exploration and, of course, aliens.” so I’m looking forward to being nudged out of my comfort zone.

January’s suggested read is Zoo Story by Lauren Beukes, apparently a cyberpunk story (so I’m trying something new already) which is set in an alternate Johannesburg where criminals are assigned an animal familiar and, through these, acquire mystical and psychic talents. With this obvious sign of guilt they are shunned by polite society and have gravitated together in the slums and ghettos of Zoo City. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to get into it so far but my Kindle tells me I am only 21% of the way through so I shall give it the benefit of the doubt for now. I’m avoiding reading the reviews that have gone up already so I don’t spoil the story and my own review is actually my own and I’m looking forward to discussing it with everyone.


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