Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Nuts. I’m a day late already. This is the sort of ill-discipline I’m hoping this course will help me out with.

My name is Martin and I’ve had this blog for a while now but have never been quite able to keep it up regularly, probably because I never had a proper focus for it other than “I think I’d like a blog”. It was originally supposed to be a place where I could set down stuff that came into my head and connect with people with similar interests and if you look back through my old posts there’s some daft things in there (my survey that proved Jeremy Clarkson wrong about Audi drivers being worse than BMW drivers these days is still a personal favourite) but there’s no real running theme and I never quite got my head around how the networking side of it worked.

More recently I have used it as a place to try and explain how I feel about different subjects so it has become a more personal thing than a place where I was putting things up to see if it entertained people so there was even less of a constant theme and, it seems to me anyway, less of a way to connect with people.

Looking forward I would like to mainly use my blog to promote my interest in photography and a re-discovered interest for writing and try and connect with people who can help me push these interests further but I’d like to share other passions like travel and cooking as well as questions like why, as I get older, do I find myself more and more tempted by gardening?? I dare say there will still be the occasional silly posts as well, just to keep it exciting.


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