New Title and Tagline

This one took a while as I was thinking hard about it. I’d always originally planned to call my blog ‘Biscuits for Breakfast’ but never got around to changing it from my username. Biscuits for Breakfast was inspired by a work trip I made to Crewe where the hotel I was staying was meant to be quite swish but was, in fact, not. In the three days I was there I never once found anyone in the restaurant, morning or evening, and so ended up having for breakfast the biscuits that were part of the tea-making facilities. A vague idea I had when I started was to have a series of posts titled Biscuits for Breakfast that chronicled my adventures while travelling for work, but these have gotten fewer as I’ve traveled less recently.

The tag line is what gave me the most grief to come up with. I’ve settled on ‘A blog of grog, sweat, and fears’ as most of what I write about will involve drinking, hard work, or something that scares me. Or a combination of at least two of these.

Of course, I expect these will change as time goes on and I find my voice. After all, that’s what this course is all about is all about isn’t it??


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