101 in 1001

Here it is, my 101 in 1001 list. I’ll be updating it here as I make my way through it. Let’s see how I do.

This list of 101 goals was started Dec 15, 2010 and is scheduled to finish Sep 11, 2013.

1 – Do a skydive

Because who wouldn’t want to jump out of a perfectly aeroplane at 10,000 feet with only a big silk hanky to stop you making a mess of the landing site?

2 – Learn to ride a horse

When we were young, me and my sister used to help out at some stables, in return we were given riding lessons. One day the pony I was on bolted and threw me off and I haven’t ridden since. It’s time to, literally, get back on the horse.

UPDATE – In Progress – A friend of mine runs a stables, she has agreed to teach me to ride. I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before starting.

3 – Learn to ride a motorbike

Just something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. Because it’s cool and dangerous. Like smoking.

4 – Learn to scuba dive

Another thing I want to be able to do,so  just in case anyone ever says to me “Would you like to go diving?” I can say “Yes”.

5 – Be able to hold a conversation in at least one foreign language

Spanish is the current favourite for this one. I will consider it complete if I spend a day/evening/social event speaking more Spanish than English.

UPDATE – I have acquired a Spanish Rosetta Stone course. I’m up to colours so far.

6 – Build my MAME arcade machine

So I can play all my favourite old arcade games the way they were meant to be played, with a joystick and buttons while standing up.

7 – Go on a climbing holiday

Spend a week or so somewhere sunny clambering over rocks and ruining my hands.

8 – Build a social circle around the area I live

I’ve only lived here for 4 years after all. It’s about time I had some people to go drinking with on a Sunday.

9 – Visit all my local pubs at least once

Will probably be related to the above.

UPDATE – Made good progress with this recently. I’ve now been in:

Bridge Bar
Beckenham Bar
The George
The Coach and Horses
Slug and Lettuce
The Goose
The Bricklayers Arms
The Oakhill Tavern

Just the Jolly Woodman and Flux bar to go.

10 – Take a photography course

People tell me I’m quite good at photography already but really I’m relying on what I remember from college and bits and pieces I’ve read on the Internet. I’d like to know what all the buttons on my camera actually do.

UPDATE – I’ve got an interview for a course at the local college later this month. I f I get through that I’ll start the course in September.

11 – Finish compiling this list

And it took a lot longer to do than I thought it would

12 – Go to New Zealand

Planning to do this in October.

UPDATE – In Progress – Time off work is booked and I should be booking my flights at some point in the next month or so.

UPDATE 2 – Even More in Progress – Flights are booked. I shall be there between the 12th and 28th October

DONE! – And I want to go back already.

13 – Photograph the Northern Lights

Because I’m fascinated by shiny, colourful things.

14 – Learn to play at least 10 songs all the way through on my guitar

Another thing I’ve always wanted to able to do, play the guitar. This may be a lost cause as I’ve had it since I was 18 and I can’t even play ‘House of the Rising Sun’

15 – Take a photo a day for a year

Pretty much an effort to keep up to date with my ShutterCal project. Work keeps getting in the way of this one. And laziness.

16 – Clear out and re-organise my wardrobe

Done. Not sure how much tidier it is but least now pretty much everything in there is stuff I wear on a regular basis. I’ve also found I’ve got a lot more fancy dress costumes than I realised.

17 – Go to South America

Just somewhere I want to go. To see the Inca ruins and the jungle.

18 – Play poker in a Las Vegas casino

Because it’s the only place to play poker really isn’t it?

19 – Run a 10k race in under an hour

To see if I can and to give myself a target when I’m in the gym.

20 – Get down to my ‘fighting weight’

Not sure what this is yet but I reckon it’s between 10 and 11 stone.

21 – Finish my ‘Now and Then’ project

A Flikr-inspired photography project

22 – Improve my pool league win ratio to at least 60%

This is in the winter league But won’t happen until work quietens down a bit.

23 – Replace my driving license

Went on the website, filled out the details, paid the money, done.

24 – Go tee-total for a month

Everyone should have one vice. I don’t take drugs, smoke or have sex often enough to call them vices so mine is drinking. Just to see if I can really.

25 – Become a senior BAE

Promotion at work, currently the most likely way to see a pay-rise.

26 – Run with the bulls in Pamplona

Because being chased through the streets of a small Spanish town at 8 o’clock in the morning by a couple of tons of very rare sirloin steak sounds like fun to me.

UPDATE – In progress – Accommodation is booked.

DONE – And it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Stay tuned for a blog entry on this soon.

27 – Set up a proper home network to store and stream music/photos

Because I don’t indulge my geeky side enough at home.

28 – Stay in an Ice Hotel

Because I stay in ordinary hotels all the time. And I think it would be romantic.

29 – Get to know my way round London better

I’ve never worked in London so only know little bits of it. I’ll consider it complete if I’m out in London with friends and I know the way from place to place without looking at an A-Z or tube map.

30 – Learn to make at least 3 things from each of my origami books from memory

An effort to practice origami more often.

31 – Do a Monopoly pub crawl somewhere other than London

I did the London one for my 30th birthday. Have to find out where else you can get a Monopoly board for but Dublin or New York would be early (if expensive) contenders.

32 – Start doing yoga regularly

Because I always feel like I need a stretch. I’ll consider this complete if I miss a class and at the following one some says to me “Where were you last time?”

33 – Be able to touch my toes properly for once in my life

Probably linked to the above. I’ve never been able to do it.

34 – Make breakfast in bed for someone

Because it’s romantic and it’ll mean I have someone to make breakfast in bed for.

35 – Read 10 Classic Books from the Penguin Classics range

Not sure if the ones I’ve already read count towards this. Think I should probably count from when I made this list.

UPDATE – In Progress: 1 – The Divine Comedy, Inferno – Dante

2 – The Illiad – Homer

3 – The Odyssey – Homer

36 – Get a proper address book rather than relying on my phone

Because I lost my phone just before Christmas and didn’t know where to send cards to.

DONE – Just need a few people’s addresses to finish it off now.

37 – Get a tattoo

Not very original but something I’ve considered for years

UPDATE -In Progress – Preliminary sketches have gone to the tattoo artist

DONE – I now have a dragon on my back. What would my mother say??

38 – Learn basic sign language

So I can talk to deaf people properly and it would be handy for communicating across loud and busy pubs.

39 – Complete at least one Xbox 360 game in its entirety

And I mean 100% complete. all the achievements, all the secrets, everything.

40 – Go on a Hoon

All the guys at work are fast car fanatics and occasionally organise weekend trips for track days or to the Nürbergring. I’d like to go with them one day.

41 – Go to at least one big music festival

Considering the kind of music I listen to and how many of my friends have been several times I’ve never made it to any of the big summer festivals like Reading, V or Glastonbury. This needs to change.

42 – Learn to play the harmonica

Because it might be easier than the guitar and I love the noise they make.

UPDATE – As my two friends in New Zealand spontaneously produced harmonicas one morning in Picton, I ended up with one as well. I have a book and CD, let the learning commence!

43 – Do some kite photography

Inspired by xkcd

44 – Go back to America and drive a muscle car

The sun is shinin’, the road is callin’ and the V8 is rumblin’. What’s not cool about that?

45 – Learn at least 3 recipes from each of my cook books by heart

With all the books I have at the moment that will be 51 recipes I’ll be able to cook on the fly without having to look up what ingredients I need.

46 – Buy a tailor-made suit

Pure self-indulgence. I like to get suited and booted every now and then and would like to be able to do it in style.

47 – Hire a classic car for a weekend away

More self-indulgence. I found a website where you can hire an Aston Martin DB4 for a weekend. With this and the suit I’d be playing out my James Bond fantasies.

48 – Kiss in the rain

I’m bit of an old romantic, ok?

49 – No fast food for a month

I expect this will be the same month as I go tee-total as I generally only eat fast food when I’m drunk or hungover. For the purposes of this list I am defining ‘fast-food’ as anything that comes in a styrofoam or cardboard box and is brought from somewhere that has ‘express’ or ‘grill’ in its name. Specifically kebabs, fried chicken, burgers and pizza.

50 – Visit the Grand Canyon

I know it’s just a hole in the ground but it’s a really big hole in the ground.

51 – Own a collection of Looney Tunes cartoon DVDs

I like cartoons.

52 – Own a collection of Charlie Chaplin DVDs

And silent slapstick.

53 – Build and paint models of as many cars in my dream garage as I can find

So I can do the paint-jobs on them I’d have if I won the lottery. This consists of: AC Cobra, ’68 Ford Mustang, Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series II, Mercedes 300SL, Ferrari Daytona, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, Maserati GranTurismo S, Ferrari 250 GTO, 1961 Ferrari California Spyder, 60’s style Porsche 911, Jaguar E-Type, Dodge Charger, Lancia Stratos. I’ll add more as I think of them.

54 – Go to the top of a lighthouse

Possibly the only thing on the list I have no real idea how to do other then find a lighthouse, go to the top of it.

55 – Go jetskiing

I’ve done quad-biking and snow-mobiling and they’re both great. I imagine this to be similar but on water.

56 – Make pasta from scratch

I have a pasta machine I am yet to use. This would also tie in nicely with the recipe books as one of them is a pasta cook book.

57 – Start a pension

I generally don’t think much about the future, but this is starting to sound like a good idea.

58 – Grow my own herbs

Another one that’ll probably come in handy for the cooking. Just a window box with the more common herbs in. I’ll call it complete when I’ve used each of the herbs I grow in something I cook.

UPDATE – In Progress. I have pots on my kitchen window sill with chives, coriander, parsley and basil in them. I’ve used the chives in something already so once I’ve used all the others this’ll be done.

59 – Perform a totally random act of kindness

Last time I was at an airport and buying books the lady in front of me had a pile of books but was 90p short of how much they cost and couldn’t remember the PIN number to her card. To save her the disappointment of not getting the books and the general embarrasment, I gave her a pound.

60 – Travel to Iceland

The land where fire meets ice. And they race dune buggies up vertical hills.

61 – Go to Oktoberfest

The chance to get drunk with a load of Australians and Americans in a tent in Germany.

62 – Own at least 25 films from a ‘Films You Should See’ list

I’ll pick out a list I agree with first.

63 – Take a photo of a lightning bolt

Sort of the idea that got me back into photography.

64 – Finish three miCoach training plans completely

The training app I have on my phone. The idea being if I do three plans I’ll be quite fit at the end of it. Halfway through the first one.

UPDATE – First plan finished. Plan 2 will start next weekend.

UPDATE 2 – Finished the second plan. One to go!

65 – Keep a bonsai tree alive for at least a year

I don’t  have any plants around the house and I’d quite like some, especially as I can’t have a pet. Let’s hope I’m not away so much it dries out.

UPDATE – I bought a bonsai in June but the inevitable happened, I was away for 2 weeks and it dried out. I’ll have to try again.

66 – Be able to identify 10 constellations

I was obsessed with space and the moon as a kid (dinosaurs too) but can now only name 2 constellations. I like looking up at the stars and would like to know more about what I’m seeing.

67 – Go to Florence

To see where Leonardo Da Vinci lived and worked.

68 – Go to Rome

Mainly to see the Colosseum

69 – Buy at least one CD by each of the bands I find on Spotify

Could get expensive as I tend to add at least one new band a week.

70 – Upgrade and update my Flikr account

Haven’t put anything up there for ages, I should get back into the habit.

71 – Go to the circus

I vaguely remember going to one as a kid but nothing about else about it, only that I went. Worried I might be setting myself up for disappointment with this one.

72 – Learn to snowboard

I can ski, but that’s not what the cool kids do.

73 – Get the dent in my car fixed.

It’s a nice car, it doesn’t look right with the big dent and scratches down the side.

DONE – Well, sort of. I got rid of the car so the dent isn’t my problem anymore.

74 – Buy a full-length mirror

So I can admire myself properly before I go out.

75 – Learn to recognise the different types of sushi

I know I like it, but I usually have no idea what I’m eating.

76 – Go on safari

I mean a proper safari in Africa somewhere.

77 – See the Victoria Falls

Can you do safaris near Victoria Falls?

78 – Go to Niagra Falls

Bit of free association going on here.

79 – See a solar eclipse

Technically I ‘saw’ the eclipse in Cornwall in 1999. I was there but just before the moon started going across the sun the clouds moved in and all we really saw was everything go dark, so it would be nice to see an eclipse properly.

UPDATE – This one could be tricky as after some research I’ve found that the only total eclipse that’s happening before my list finishes is in November next year and the best place to see it from is in Cairns, Australia. Looks like I could be going down under twice in 2 years.

80 – Go whale watching

I think I can do this in Iceland

81 – Learn how to make at least 25 cocktails

I always seem to end up making cocktails at parties so it would be nice to know how to make a lot of different ones.

82 – Learn at least 10 sleight of hand and card tricks

Because I’ve always been fascinated with close-up magic

83 – Upload all my CDs to the computer

So I can actually vary the playlists on my iPhone.

84 – Ride a mechanical bull

I was surprised to realise I haven’t done this yet.

85 – Spend a day fishing from a boat

When I say fishing, obviously I mean ‘sitting in a boat drinking while dangling a rod into the water’.

86 – Completely fill a blank sketchbook

I used to love drawing and sketching but lost interest after I left college. It’s something I keep meaning to take up again.

UPDATE – In Progress – The first few pages are covered with my ideas for the tattoo

87 – Go in a hot air balloon

It would be a nice change from flying in aeroplanes.

88 – Write a blog post a week for a year

In progress with this here blog.

89 – Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s

Another romance one.

90 – Go to 10 different museums

Probably will become part of the ‘getting to know London better’ effort.

91 – Spend a day at the races

Just because I’ve never been.

92 – Get a souvenier photo of me and a friend playing chess on a roller coaster

Inspired by this: http://xkcd.com/249/

93 – Inspire someone to make a 101/1001 list

Go on, you know you want to.

A friend on Twitter was talking about doing a bucket list. I sent her a link to the Day Zero website. She now has a list. DONE

94 – Learn to draw caricatures

Guess what I’ll be filling that sketchbook up with?

95 – Visit five local restaurants I’ve never been to

And there a lot to choose from.

96 – Be able to do the splits

Another reason to start doing yoga.

97 – Build up a drinks cabinet

So I can practice making cocktails and I have more to offer people when they come round than tea, coffee, Jack Daniels or water.

98 – Attend Mardi Gras

Does this still even happen after Katrina?

UPDATE – Not sure about this one now. After speaking to an American friend it seems Mardi Gras may not be all it’s cracked up to be. She mentioned something about getting stabbed…

99 – Have my aura read

I was supposed to have it done a couple of times but have backed out both times. Not sure why it makes me nervous.

100 – Stop biting my nails

A habit I’ve had ever since I can remember, I generally only do it when I’m bored or nervous now but would like to stop completely.

UPDATE – In Progress. I’m pretty close to giving up this habit I think. I’ve started carrying a nail file around with me which has helped. I’m down to only doing it when I’m stuck at an airport or in a hotel.

101 – Do a climbing course

I can climb but have absolutely no technical knowledge. Knowing some proper techniques would probably come in handy.


7 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Wow, what a complete range of activities. Have you got enough time to go to all those places? Some you can combine surely? e.g. Iceland & ice hotel? Can you get the Northern Lights in that too?

  2. Therein lies the fun of the challenge! But yes, I’m hoping to be able to combine some of them like that. I’m sure I’ve seen a whale watching/Northern Lights excursion somewhere and the Vegas casino could be coupled with the Grand Canyon. There was a certain amount of free association going on as I came up with the list

    • Why not?? It’s a good way of turning something you’ve always wanted to do into something you’ve done.

      What ones would you like to watch?

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