To My Dream Reader…

It feels like I have my own version of the Mad Hatter’s watch here, but mine is running much more than two days late.

As part of this Blogging 101 lark we have to write to our dream reader which has given me pause. I never really thought about who I was writing to before, the first person I thought about when writing was me. Did my post entertain me while I read it? If it did, great! Then hopefully someone else out there will be entertained too, but as this course is supposed to improve my blogging technique I should think about who my audience is, or at least who I want them to be.

So, Dream Reader, who are you? What are you? First off, you must be patient. Willing to wait for my updates, as I am never as regular as I’d like to be due to work commitments, time away, my own laziness and occasional lack of courage to start writing. Not too patient though, as you should give me the kick up the backside I sometimes need to stop reasons turning into excuses. So patient, yet demanding.

Even more important than patience would be that you, dear Dream Reader, are entertained by me, that you enjoy what I post and it makes you laugh, or cry, or think, or rage, or anything, as long as it is a reaction beyond indifference that keeps you coming back and wanting to see what I have to show you.

That you keep coming back is something else you should do as well, and support me in what I’m doing. I’m going to be telling you about my struggles with running and fitness, pushing my photography and writing on you, and sharing hopes and dreams so I’ll need some encouragement. Constructive criticism only though please!

I’m happy for you to challenge my views or opinions, after all, if we all agreed all the time it’d be pretty boring, but do it with sensible arguments. You, Dream Reader, will not be one of those who argues from the standpoint “I don’t like it therefore it is rubbish” and that’s the entire argument. You’ll disagree with me but give me reasons why. Some stuff I write certain people will find controversial but you will appreciate that and be willing discuss it rather than just descend into abuse. I am aware, Dream Reader, that this one may stay firmly in Dreamworld given the way the internet works.

What else? Competitive. If I tell you I beat my best time for running 10km, cheer me on but tell me you did it 10 seconds faster. Give me a target to beat or an expectation to meet. I work best in a competitive atmosphere, but let’s keep the rivalry friendly eh? It should still be fun after all.

There you are, Dream Reader. Patient, entertained, challenging, and competitive. It’s not too much to ask of a professional photographer or publisher who spots potential is it??


New Title and Tagline

This one took a while as I was thinking hard about it. I’d always originally planned to call my blog ‘Biscuits for Breakfast’ but never got around to changing it from my username. Biscuits for Breakfast was inspired by a work trip I made to Crewe where the hotel I was staying was meant to be quite swish but was, in fact, not. In the three days I was there I never once found anyone in the restaurant, morning or evening, and so ended up having for breakfast the biscuits that were part of the tea-making facilities. A vague idea I had when I started was to have a series of posts titled Biscuits for Breakfast that chronicled my adventures while travelling for work, but these have gotten fewer as I’ve traveled less recently.

The tag line is what gave me the most grief to come up with. I’ve settled on ‘A blog of grog, sweat, and fears’ as most of what I write about will involve drinking, hard work, or something that scares me. Or a combination of at least two of these.

Of course, I expect these will change as time goes on and I find my voice. After all, that’s what this course is all about is all about isn’t it??

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Nuts. I’m a day late already. This is the sort of ill-discipline I’m hoping this course will help me out with.

My name is Martin and I’ve had this blog for a while now but have never been quite able to keep it up regularly, probably because I never had a proper focus for it other than “I think I’d like a blog”. It was originally supposed to be a place where I could set down stuff that came into my head and connect with people with similar interests and if you look back through my old posts there’s some daft things in there (my survey that proved Jeremy Clarkson wrong about Audi drivers being worse than BMW drivers these days is still a personal favourite) but there’s no real running theme and I never quite got my head around how the networking side of it worked.

More recently I have used it as a place to try and explain how I feel about different subjects so it has become a more personal thing than a place where I was putting things up to see if it entertained people so there was even less of a constant theme and, it seems to me anyway, less of a way to connect with people.

Looking forward I would like to mainly use my blog to promote my interest in photography and a re-discovered interest for writing and try and connect with people who can help me push these interests further but I’d like to share other passions like travel and cooking as well as questions like why, as I get older, do I find myself more and more tempted by gardening?? I dare say there will still be the occasional silly posts as well, just to keep it exciting.